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Vaping Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Vaping Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Newcomers to the vaping world may find it all a bit too complicated. But it really is quite simple. We’ve put together 5 simple tips and tricks to follow to help you get going.

It won’t take long before all of this becomes second nature and you won’t even think of it.

  1. Prime your coil

The biggest tip we can give you is priming your coil. The coil is the small heating element that creates the vapour. Inside the coil comes some cotton which absorbs your e-liquid into the coil. Priming is allowing enough time for the cotton to absorb some e-liquid before you vape.

To do this, you can fill up your tank with your new coil and just leave it to stand for 3-5 minutes before you use it. This will give the cotton enough time to absorb some e-liquid. Fail to do this and you will burn the dry cotton and the coil will need to be changed.

You only need to do this one time when the coil is new. After you’ve done this and been using the coil, when you need to refill you can just carry-on vaping as normal. Just remember when you change your coil to repeat this process.

  1. Don’t inhale too hard

Top tip number 2! Do not inhale too hard on our vape. Inhaling hard does not create more vapour. By inhaling too hard you risk pulling too much e-liquid into the coil which can then result in leaking or pulling the e-liquid up into your mouth.

The correct way to vape is by taking a gentle inhale while you allow the coil to create the vapour. If you’re looking for more vapour, simply increase your inhale time a little bit. If that is not enough vapour, you may look at upgrading your device to one which is designed to produce big clouds.

  1. Use the correct settings

This only applies to devices where you can adjust your settings. If you use a device with no settings, then you can ignore this tip.

Some devices allow you to adjust the power output. Increasing your power output will send more power to the coil, which in turn gets even hotter and creates more vapour. Use too much power and you will burn your coil. Use too little power and you won’t create much vapour at all.

How do you know what setting to use? The trick is looking at the coil you are using. On the side of the coil you will find some small writing which will tell you the power range. For example, one coil might read ‘8-12W’. Another coil might read ’40-60W’.  This will help guide you in the right direction. If you’re not sure what setting to use then always start low, and slowly increase your power output. Once you get to the point you’re comfortable and its not burning the coil then stick with that setting. If you get to a point where the vapour is quite hot and it is not tasting too good, then lower your settings a bit and you will know what the limit is.

  1. Don’t overcharge your battery

Do not overcharge your battery. This is both for safety concerns and the longevity of your device.

Never leave a device charging overnight or unattended. Most devices do not take more than a couple of hours to charge. Check the manufacturers manual to find out how long it should take to charge.

Using your battery until about 10% and then charging it fully will help increase the life of your battery. If you keep plugging it in and removing it after a short amount of time, your battery will start losing its performance quite quickly.

  1. Don’t mix too many flavours with the same coil

The final bit of advice we can give you is to not change your e-liquid flavour too often. Of course, this is all personal preference and you can indeed change it as much as you like, but you won’t get the best results.

Changing flavours frequently with the same coil, then you will ruin the overall flavour and the chances are it won’t taste very nice.

If you want to mix similar flavours, then it should be ok. For example, mixing a blueberry with a raspberry shouldn’t turn out too bad. But if you were to mix a vanilla with a cherry menthol, then the chances are it won’t be too nice to vape.

For the best results, we would say change your coil at the time you’re planning to change over to a flavour which is drastically different to the one you are currently using. This will allow you to experience the true flavour of the new e-liquid you are using.


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