TECC Arc Slim Vape Kit


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TECC Arc Slim Vape Kit

The Arc Slim vape kit is a great choice if you’re looking for a slim device which you’ll barely notice in your pocket! TECC have designed this to be incredibly sleek, however, the Arc Slim still comes with semi-adjustable settings and a generous battery capacity!


The mod comes with a built-in 1800mAh battery which will laster the average user a full day of vaping. This does depend on how much you use it and the setting you choose. In the box, there is a micro-usb charging cable. Charging can be done through USB ports found on computers, gaming consoles, and other similar devices. A suitable wall plug can also be used. The Arc Slim can be charged and used at the same time!

Display & Settings

The display which is found on the top of the device. There are 5 LED bars at the top which represent the battery life. Each bar indicates 20% of charge. Therefore, 1 bar would indicate 1-20% charge, 2 bars would be 20-40% and so on. Under the battery indicator, there are 3 other lights alongside a letter; L, M, or H. These stand for Low, Medium, and High. The change the setting, press the main power button 3 times.

Tank & Coils

TECC have paired the Arc Slim battery with the CS Air Slim tank. This tank is designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping. Airflow can be adjusted at the bottom of the tank by using the rubber ring. Spin this around to open or close off the airflow. The coils used are the Eleaf GS Air coils. To refill and change the coil, simply unscrew the bottom of the tank off. Remember to allow your new coil to soak up enough liquid before you start using it. This can be done by filling up your tank, and leaving it for about 2-3 minutes before you use it.


As the Arc Slim is a plus-ohm vaping device, it is recommended that you use 50/50 or thinner e-liquid. Why not pair it with our exceptional VAPEcom E-Liquid?


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